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An intercom system can be highly effective for businesses. Not only do they provide security and protection, they can also streamline communication in the workplace, and therefore improve efficiency. Intercoms can be especially valuable in large or noisy buildings, such as factories, when you need to get an important or urgent message to a lot of people immediately.

Intercoms offer security and convenience for your family and business. Intercoms Sydney guarantees quality intercom systems and professional service for residential and commercial properties in Sydney and all of the NSW region.

Intercom systems can also be integrated with other security products such as CCTV and automatic gate systems to provide an additional level of protection to you and your property. For larger applications eg. buildings, complexes or resorts in Sydney or the NSW region, we can incorporate the commercial intercom system with access control security systems, security alarms, CCTV, lift controllers or whatever is required for that specific site.

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Intercoms Sydney

Are you looking for a new audio, video & digital intercoms system in Sydney?

Intercoms Sydney are your local specialists in intercom sales, installation, upgrades, parts & repairs. Our team of technicians have been working with all the major brands of intercoms since 2000.

When it comes to accessing your premises, a audio/video Intercom System puts the power in your hands. Identify visitors when they arrive via an entry panel at the entrance and then grant or deny entry at your discretion. A video intercom system enables immediate visual contact through a built-in camera that links directly to your video monitor or audio handset.


We provide a state of the art wireless intercom system for those installations where it is impossible to install cabling. This includes all the security and functions of your standard hard wire intercom plus the extra added advantage of a rechargeable handset, so you won’t miss those visitors that call when your laying by the pool.

  • Portable phone for communications from house or garden to main entrance
  • No need to cable between house and gate
  • Remotely unlock front door
  • Remotely trigger gate controller
  • Trigger garage door and/or lighting (via accessory module)
  • View status of door and gate via handset’s display
  • Charger and rechargeable batteries for handset
  • Optional anti-vandal metal covers for external caller unit
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Maximum distance from front door station to handset 100m
  • (range test is required for longer distances)
Intercoms Sydney


Intercoms are a proven technology that can be installed effectively to any residential property or home office. Call us today for a free quotation..


Identify visitors when they arrive via an entry panel at the entrance and then grant or deny entry at your discretion. Intercoms can be either video + audio, or just audio.

Educational Premises

High quality and reliable intercom systems, for the increased security of students and staff access management.


Commercial Intercoms can be either video + audio, or just audio. They can be expanded to include multiple doors and multiple monitoring stations, too!

Medical Premises

When it comes to accessing your medical premises, a constant audio/video Intercom System puts the power in your hands; protecting your staff and patients.


We have dealt with many construction and development companies all over Sydney, providing them with intercom solutions and installs.


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